Thursday, 19 July 2012

Potential Retainers in Nahm, M7-8 992 TA

NPCs in town over the next 2 weeks & potentially able to be hired as retainers - all are 1st level.

Cleric (1)
1. Pardue the Holy - Novitiate of the Church of Law. Pardue chats with Thumli the Dwarf while he is recovering in the chapel hospital, he seems interested in taking up the crusade against Chaos. Joined Squire Berric.

Dwarf (1)
2. Krago of the Mountains - recently awoke from an immense drinking binge. From the mountain kingdom of Dwarfheim. Not sure how he got to be in Nahm, but thinks he might have been a caravan guard who got left behind. Now PC.

Elf (1)
3. Presto the Elf Cat Girl- an Elf of the Ostaren, out to see the world, or be an Elven Ranger, defending against Chaos. Not sure which. Seems to have lost her money pouch. RIP 28/8/992.

Halfling (1)
4. Sho-Rembo Dulles (f) - a Halfling maid from Burgdorf. Recently an away from an arranged marriage, wants to be an adventurer like her unknown father. Joined Vanya the Elf.

Fighter (3)
5. Glendor the 4th - a sturdy yeoman of Nahm, knows Marcus and might be hirable by him at a reduced rate. His ancestors Glendor I, II and III were all retainers to heroes, said to have perished heroically in various dungeons. His grandfather Glendor II fell at the Battle of Kollchap. Joined Krago the Dwarf.

6. Webberan of the Great North &
7. Norrin the Barbarian - set up rival adventurer party to explore Quasqueton.
Webberan and Norrin are warriors of the Trosken Hill Tribes. They recently came south to Nahm seeking the Tomb of Esur the Red, but have not had much luck finding it, and have now spent nearly all their money. They've also heard rumours that the heroes Rogahn & Zelligar have fallen in battle in the Northlands fighting against their enemies the Vanhost, a tribe of Chaotic Trosk barbarians allied with the Witch-King Valmodar. Rogahn and Zelligar are rumoured to have had a hidden lair known as Quasqueton somewhere east of the Tressen river, not far from the ruins of Kollchap.

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