Thursday, 16 August 2012

Some House Rules

Roll initiative, higher wins.
A rolls to hit (grip) foe, STR bonus applies, target AC is 9 minus any DEX bonus.
If gripped, roll d6+STR mod to pin foe, must BEAT the foe's own d6+STR mod roll to win the match.
If B is not pinned, they roll to grip and pin A.
If neither side has been pinned, go to round 2 - roll initiative again.

Every 30 seconds (3 rounds), each side rolls d6 per 10' of combat movement for distance covered, in tens of yards (eg 20' = 2d6x10 yards, 30' = 3d6x10 yds, 40' = 4d6x10 yds). If pursuers end in contact with pursuees, combat occurs - roll initiative.
Pursuit typically ends once the sides are 240 yards apart, depending on terrain.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

What levels mean

0: Normal Men
1-3: 'Low Level' - most competent NPCs are in this range.
4-6: 'Mid Level' - experienced, capable characters.
7-8: 'High Level' - renowned adventurers and suchlike.
9-14: 'Name' or 'Lord' level; these characters can found their own dominions.
15+: Legends; these characters are extremely rare.

Specific Levels
8th Level - a renowned figure in the community, such as a Halfling Shire-Reeve (max level).
10th Level - a Lord, such as an Elf Lord (max level).
12th Level - a Great Lord, such as a Dwarf Lord (max level).
14th Level - maximum level for Human Lords.
15th Level - a legendary figure or Saint of Law or Chaos.
20th Level - The greatest human heroes of yore, such as Val Trionos, able to smack down Sauroth with the aid of your buddies. Able to contend with the Lords of Law or Chaos.
36th Level - maximum level.

Stables of Characters
At higher level it is wise to maintain a stable of PCs and Retainers, with a mix of robust but limited demi-humans alongside more fragile yet potentially unlimited human characters. Demi-humans often make good initial PCs, but will eventually be overshadowed by their human comrades.

Saturday, 4 August 2012



Roll once per side, then cyclical; each PC normally acts in turn but you can adjust this as desired- it's all pretty much simultaneous.

If you try to cast a spell in melee, opponents get a free attack on you; if they hit you lose the spell (and at 1st level you probably die anyway).

Combat Movement – see LL pages 52-53.

Move + Melee Attack (house rule that a straight-line charge gives +1 to hit)
Move + Missile Attack (Loading and firing a crossbow takes a full round, no movement)
Run: x3 standard movement, no attack
Cast a Spell, no movement

Movement in melee

5' step: I'm using a 5' step rule based on one from the Rules Cyclopedia version of BX/BECMI D&D, that if you are in melee you can move 5' on your turn. You can attack in melee then back up 5', but you cannot back up 5' then use a missile weapon.

Fighting Retreat: If you do not attack, you may withdraw backwards from melee at half your move rate as a full round action; eg 20' move = 10' withdrawal. Enemies do not get a free attack.

Running away: If you throw away any shield and flee for your action, you can move x3 your standard move. Enemies in melee get a free back attack on you, at +2 to hit.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

PCs & Times Killed

PCs & # Times Killed, Retainers
Thumli the Dwarf (Steve) - 1
Krago the Dwarf Lord (James) - 0 Retainer: Glendor IV - 0
Thief (Edward) - 0

Deceased PCs & Retainers
Branford the Magic-User - goblin arrow
Bullbeard the Dwarf - raiders
Mithsmith the Dwarf - wight
Presto the Cat Girl Elf (NPC) - giant gecko

Vanya the Elf (Athena) - 1 Retainer: Sho-Rembo the Halfling - 0

Marcus the Thief (Francis) - 0
Squire Berric the Fighter (Damian) - 1 Retainer: Pardue the Cleric - 1
Sharn the Elf (Craig) - 0

Maximum number Raises = Starting CON

Saturday, 21 July 2012

NPC Pics

Sir Stefan Alturek

Elgo Whiteraven

Oldath the Wise



Second Age of Man

999 SA/0 TA: The Final Battle; the Last Alliance of Dwarves, Elves and Men faces the Dark Lord Sauroth on the slopes of Mount Thunder. The Dwarf King Dolm and Elf-King Galatar (father of Queen Celeriel) fall in the battle, the human hero Val Trionos and the Elf-Lord Eldavar are victorious and defeat Sauroth, destroying his physical form.

Third Age of Man

1 TA: Human survivors of the Final Battle under Val Trionos found a city on the banks of the White River; Val Trionos names it Dolmvay after his fallen friend and ally, the Dwarven King Dolm.
Dolmvay will become capital of the Kingdom of Valnwall.

800 TA: Valnese Settlers moving up the Tressen River drive the barbarian Trosk clans north. Founding of Nahm. The area is claimed by the Kings of Valnwall. The first renewed stirrings of Sauroth date from this time.

850 TA: Fall of Alvaren: the rulers of the Kingdom of Alvaren, north beyond the Shield Mountains, are corrupted by Sauroth. Their capital, the White Tower of Alvaren, becomes known as Ghoul Keep; Alvaren's Queen Zhenyis, is reborn as Queen of the Ghouls.

897 TA: Fall of Mor: The traitor-usurper Valmodar leads an army of Sauroth's orcs and evil men in his conquest of the Kingdom of Mor. Valmodar becomes the Witch-King of Fallen Mor.

940 TA: The Chaos Shrine of Kollchap flourishes east of Nahm. The people appeal to the King of Valnwall for aid. He sends his Champion, Amaul, bearing the Sword of the Sorceror. The forces of Chaos are defeated, but Amaul is killed in the battle and his sword is lost.

960 TA: The mage-priests of the Kale Orcs harvest slaves and craft foul abominations from their lair near Nahm. They are routed by a band of heroes led by Stefan Alturek, a Knight of the Silver Dragon, and his companions Lash, Oldath and Elgo Whiteraven. Sir Stefan is granted rulership of Nahm and the lands around, forming the Hold of Alturek.

970 TA: Sir Stefan and co ambush and kill an unwary hill giant crossing the river north of Nahm.

973 TA: The adventurers Rogahn and Zelligar establish a hidden base east of Nahm.

982 TA: Rogahn and Zelligar aid Sir Stefan Alturek in defeating the Vanhost, a tribe of Chaotic barbarians advancing on Nahm from the north-east, then head into the Northlands after their foes.

989 TA: Rumoured fall of Rogahn and Zelligar in battle with the forces of Chaos.

992 TA - Campaign Begins
16th: s1 - Kale Slave Pits in Goblin Gully nw of Nahm are cleared of goblins.
23rd: s2 - Adventurers enter the Shrine of Kollchap, battle humanoids. Squire Berrac & Vanya 'raised'.
6th: s3 - Tomb of Durahn Oakenshield - Krago defeats Durahn-wight to claim the title Lord of the Hill Dwarves. Pardue & Presto are 'raised' by Oldath.
20th: s4 - In Search of the Unknown - Krago defeats Glendor IV in a wrestling match and gains him as a retainer. Krago, Glendor & co head east over the river, encounter orcs near Kollchap, then begin exploring the Caverns of Quasqueton, former residence of the adventurers Rogahn and Zelligar.
28th s5: Bergdorf is attacked by Chaos Raiders from Kollchap, who kill 7 halflings and carry off the fair maid Rosa Dobitt. The survivors recruit brave and heroic adventurers from Nahm who penetrate the Shrine and meet the Archdeaconess of Tranfax, a Chaotic priestess guarded by two Rockmen of Khan. She is searching for the Statue of Tranfax, stolen by Prior Odric to set up his own rival Chaos cult. Directed by her to the Great Hall they finally face and drive off Prior Odric, though losing two of their number they rescue Rosa. Odric flees, the Archdeaconess recovers her Statue, and the Chaos cult at Kollchap again collapses, ending the threat for now.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Potential Retainers in Nahm, M7-8 992 TA

NPCs in town over the next 2 weeks & potentially able to be hired as retainers - all are 1st level.

Cleric (1)
1. Pardue the Holy - Novitiate of the Church of Law. Pardue chats with Thumli the Dwarf while he is recovering in the chapel hospital, he seems interested in taking up the crusade against Chaos. Joined Squire Berric.

Dwarf (1)
2. Krago of the Mountains - recently awoke from an immense drinking binge. From the mountain kingdom of Dwarfheim. Not sure how he got to be in Nahm, but thinks he might have been a caravan guard who got left behind. Now PC.

Elf (1)
3. Presto the Elf Cat Girl- an Elf of the Ostaren, out to see the world, or be an Elven Ranger, defending against Chaos. Not sure which. Seems to have lost her money pouch. RIP 28/8/992.

Halfling (1)
4. Sho-Rembo Dulles (f) - a Halfling maid from Burgdorf. Recently an away from an arranged marriage, wants to be an adventurer like her unknown father. Joined Vanya the Elf.

Fighter (3)
5. Glendor the 4th - a sturdy yeoman of Nahm, knows Marcus and might be hirable by him at a reduced rate. His ancestors Glendor I, II and III were all retainers to heroes, said to have perished heroically in various dungeons. His grandfather Glendor II fell at the Battle of Kollchap. Joined Krago the Dwarf.

6. Webberan of the Great North &
7. Norrin the Barbarian - set up rival adventurer party to explore Quasqueton.
Webberan and Norrin are warriors of the Trosken Hill Tribes. They recently came south to Nahm seeking the Tomb of Esur the Red, but have not had much luck finding it, and have now spent nearly all their money. They've also heard rumours that the heroes Rogahn & Zelligar have fallen in battle in the Northlands fighting against their enemies the Vanhost, a tribe of Chaotic Trosk barbarians allied with the Witch-King Valmodar. Rogahn and Zelligar are rumoured to have had a hidden lair known as Quasqueton somewhere east of the Tressen river, not far from the ruins of Kollchap.