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Roll once per side, then cyclical; each PC normally acts in turn but you can adjust this as desired- it's all pretty much simultaneous.

If you try to cast a spell in melee, opponents get a free attack on you; if they hit you lose the spell (and at 1st level you probably die anyway).

Combat Movement – see LL pages 52-53.

Move + Melee Attack (house rule that a straight-line charge gives +1 to hit)
Move + Missile Attack (Loading and firing a crossbow takes a full round, no movement)
Run: x3 standard movement, no attack
Cast a Spell, no movement

Movement in melee

5' step: I'm using a 5' step rule based on one from the Rules Cyclopedia version of BX/BECMI D&D, that if you are in melee you can move 5' on your turn. You can attack in melee then back up 5', but you cannot back up 5' then use a missile weapon.

Fighting Retreat: If you do not attack, you may withdraw backwards from melee at half your move rate as a full round action; eg 20' move = 10' withdrawal. Enemies do not get a free attack.

Running away: If you throw away any shield and flee for your action, you can move x3 your standard move. Enemies in melee get a free back attack on you, at +2 to hit.

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