Thursday, 16 August 2012

Some House Rules

Roll initiative, higher wins.
A rolls to hit (grip) foe, STR bonus applies, target AC is 9 minus any DEX bonus.
If gripped, roll d6+STR mod to pin foe, must BEAT the foe's own d6+STR mod roll to win the match.
If B is not pinned, they roll to grip and pin A.
If neither side has been pinned, go to round 2 - roll initiative again.

Every 30 seconds (3 rounds), each side rolls d6 per 10' of combat movement for distance covered, in tens of yards (eg 20' = 2d6x10 yards, 30' = 3d6x10 yds, 40' = 4d6x10 yds). If pursuers end in contact with pursuees, combat occurs - roll initiative.
Pursuit typically ends once the sides are 240 yards apart, depending on terrain.

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